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Rescue Comments

Below are a few of the emails or letters we received after rescuing an animal or post adoption comments.


What a great dog!!! Bo is all we could ever ask for. He obeys our commands, stays in the yard, and has been very good with people (and other pets) we have come across. He is now getting comfortable with his environment and our routine and we believe he will have a great life here. Bo has already been in the lake twice and has met several of the area dogs.

Yes, we received the package you sent. He loves that Pheasant, thank you so much for your kindness. Bo is getting settled in. The first day here he dry heaved in the morning. I think it was due to the stress of changing  homes. Once he learned the routine of 6:30am breakfast, 6:45am walk, 1:30pm walk, 6:00pm dinner, 7:00pm walk he was fine. He expects us at these times and grabs Steve's gloves in his mouth and meets us at the door. He loves the lake, I can see he will be doing more swimming than the children. We will forward some pictures soon

Steve and Kirsten - May 2008


I posted earlier that I needed help with my dog who needed surgery since he was hit by a car. I want to Thank Tender Heart Pet Rescue for taking him in and fixing him up. They will never know how truly appreciative I am of saving his life. They are a godsend. It was really hard for me to say goodbye to my dog but I know in my heart he will be very well taken care of. If any of you want to donate to a shelter please donate to them, they are wonderful people and were the most helpful through this journey of anyone I have ever met.

I also want to thank everyone else who was very kind to email me and offer advice and suggestions, and were also very caring individuals. I never realized how many good people there are out there until this accident happened with my dog. You were all very very kind and so sweet. thank you to the people who wanted to help him out. Thank you to the other shelters who offered to try to help him. at least I know now that he will get the surgery he needs and I know in my heart he will live a long happy life. You are all great people.

Thank you very much,

Amanda - December 2008


I just wanted to say thank you so much for your willingness to take Tasha in. I'm extremely sad about having to rehome her, but at the same time very happy about her getting a home where she can get the attention that she deserves and needs. I appreciate more than you will ever know what you are doing for us and other families!

Matt, Jessica and Hunter - February 2008


Hi, I was just wondering how Ollie was doing. I saw that she has a home pending. I would like to Thank Tender Heart for taking her in and finding her a home. I think it's great what you guys do and not charge people that are not able to take care of their dogs. I know you guys will find a home for Ollie with someone that will give her the time and love she needs.

Alicia - February 2009