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Puppy training

At Sitter’s home

Your pet’s will have more time with the sitter, playtime with other dogs, walks, fresh food & water, treats, Tender Heart Time,  medications (if needed), a consistent routine, a possibility of trips to the dog park, and a cozy clean home environment.

* For your pet’s safety, dogs will be crated or confined when sitter is not home.
*Pets must be up to date on vaccines and be free of parasites.

At Owner’s home
This Includes 1-3 visits per day, fresh food and water, treats, Tender Heart Time, one-on-one play time or play time with sitter’s dog, walks, medications (if needed), poop pick up, litter box cleaning, cage cleaning, and most of all your pet’s routine in his own stress free environment.

*Pets must be up to date on vaccines.

Courtesy Services
Upon request we will water plants, alternate lights, bring in mail and newspaper, take refuse containers to curb for trash collection on appropriate day, open and close blinds.
*Lawn mowing and shoveling for additional charge depending on sitter’s availability.

* We also offer nail trims for $8 during any scheduled home visit or stay at our home.


Preliminary meeting
We must setup a time prior to your scheduled Pet Sitting appointment. You and your pet(s) will meet with the sitter and go over what services are expected from us and fill out the necessary paperwork. This will be done either in the owner’s home or in the sitter’s home depending on where the pet will be cared for while you are away. This will give everyone a chance to meet the pet(s) and their home and get a better understanding of the Tender Heart Pet Sitting experience. All questions, concerns, and your pet’s needs will be addressed at this time. This meeting is a requirement in order to give your pet(s) the best possible care.
About our rates

 Just like people, each pet has its own individual needs. We recognize this and base our rates on individual needs and circumstances to provide the best care possible.  Please call or e-mail us to discuss your pet’s needs. We look forward to caring for your pets.